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Hello & Welcome! I'm Arianna.

Water is an essential part of my life and a great teacher to me.

I cherish going to the beach, as it empowers me.  You may have guessed this through the theme of my blog. I look at the mighty rocks on the shore that stand firm despite the waves which persistently crash against them. The intensity of the tide will vary; and the rocks will be shaken, depending on the water’s strength.

In life, there will constantly be waves crashing at you and trying to get you to be something that you are not.  You cannot control the behaviours of others; but, you can control your’s and how you react to the situation.

Sometimes in my life I have felt like the rock, with the constant crashing of the waves against me. In the past, I hid my talent, myself, and my voice, because I didn’t want to stand out and be judged. I used to try to avoid the crashes, but now realize this isn’t the smartest technique. I can’t wait for the tide to go out permanently, as the ebb and flow of the tides is universal and will never stop. However, I am not letting the crashing stop me from following my journey. I am standing strong against the persistent waves.

Therefore, I created The Self-Discovery Retreat to be a safe space for the journey of self-exploration to happen. To empower you to persist despite the crashing waves. It is my hope to bring you sunshine wherever you are on your journey!


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"Arianna shows all of us that life is best when we face its challenges, overcome them, and most importantly, celebrate who we are!"

— Jacqueline Boone, entrepreneur