Sugar-Free Coach Alison Smith, PhD's Self-Discovery Lesson on Visualizing Yourself as a Leading Lady

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How do you turn your ideas into action? How do you start? How do you continue to stay focused and motivated on your goal with all the daily pressures of your busy schedule?

These are the questions I receive frequently from individuals who all feel there is a block preventing them from achieving their personal best. After reading my last post, a member of the Arianna’s Random Thoughts community expressed that they have a hard time motivating themselves to take action.

As I have mentioned often in previous posts, what really helped me launch my dreams into reality was a positive mindset and a supportive crew. To help motivate us into inspired action, I thought I would ask someone who does this on a daily basis, Alison Smith PhD, a trained neuroscientist and health coach. Alison’s personal battle with chronic illness has compelled her to encourage others to revamp their health and to cultivate lasting happiness. Her motto: Live Healthy. Live Happy. Live Now.

Alison Smith, PhD, a health mentor and juicing advocate.
Alison Smith, PhD, a health mentor and juicing advocate.

Alison and I have been connected for the past few years, as she is a fellow Canadian blogger and entrepreneur. As there aren’t many Canadian bloggers, we have found it a joy to connect and support each other. Also, for the first two years of my undergraduate degree, I specialized in neuroscience, which is her speciality; so we share this as well. You may recognize Alison from her previous interview about juicing.

When asked about what daily self-care practices help motivate her to achieve her personal best, Alison responded:

“For me, maintaining a feeling of strong self-worth is imperative to sewing the seeds of inspiration, action, and success. As an entrepreneur, everything is on my shoulders: from product creation to promotion, and from accounting to customer service, I need to feel inspired and ready to take action each and every day. But how do you do this? How do you keep your eye on the prize?

A strategy that I like to use to stoke the flames to my fire is something I'm going to call, The Leading Lady Sessions (LLS). Here's the basic premise: listening to big, orchestral movie music soundtracks invokes a euphoric sensation in my body because the music makes me start to imagine and visualize that I am a leading lady in a movie: a movie that is all about my kick-ass successful life and everything that I desire. This practice is so powerful that I use it for 10-minutes before I write any content for my blog, before I work on a product or product launch, or if I need an extra kick in the ass to do something I'm afraid of. These are the steps I follow:

  1. In iTunes go to your Music tab and click on the section called, Internet (this will display all of the internet radio stations in iTunes). If you don't use iTunes, you can also go to, and click the Listen tab.
  2. In iTunes, click on the Classical radio station tab.
  3. In the iTunes Search Field, type in CINEMIX. Cinemix is an internet radio station that plays orchestral movie music soundtracks, only. Turn on the radio station.
  4. Lay down on a comfy couch or yoga mat and close your eyes. Or, close your eyes while sitting in front of the work you're about to start.
  5. Start to visualize the life that you want to lead. Do you want to speak to big crowds? Do you want to receive a windfall of cash? Do you want to feel free? Visualize yourself as the Leading Lady in the movie of your kick-ass successful life story.
  6. Do this practice for 10-15 minutes, 3 times per week.

** The visualization of success, and feeling the sensations of success, will spill over into all facets of your life, and you'll start to shift towards inspiration, action, and success with greater ease.**”

Thank you, Alison, for sharing your Record Worthy Practice with all of us! I love how music inspires the Leading Lady Sessions. It sets the scene for our imagining the best for ourselves!

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Can you relate to Alison’s experience? Does music inspire you? What do you do to get in the zone? How do you continue to stay focused and motivated on your goal with all the daily pressures of your busy schedule?

Thank you for reading and for your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! We are all looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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