A Whale of a Tale: Lessons Learned from my Experience on Maui


I'm back. Hope you all had a great week. I had an amazing and refreshing vacation in Maui. I went for a family vacation and decided to disconnect from technology to get inspired.  That is where I originally came up with the idea for my blog, so I thought I would use my holiday as a chance to get the creative juices flowing. I wanted to be free from distractions and just have time to think. I have a whole notebook full of insights to share with you.  Therefore, I think you can call that a productive vacation. :)

If you want to get inspired, you should go visit the Hawaiian Islands.  They have changed my life. We all have our places that empower us; this island (Maui) has a special place in my heart.

I believe it is the people that make the place.  However, for this particular week, it was also the whales that made the place.  Almost every walk on the beach and/or lookout out at the ocean, was met with either a blow, breach, spyhop, or fin and tail slap of a Humpback whale.  It was incredible.  We went on a whalewatch with the Pacific Whale Foundation to view these incredible creatures even closer.


I learned a lot over the week and have many more insights to share with you.  However, I have to start off the series of posts with some pictures of what I saw on my journey.

The two most important things I learned while whalewatching were:  1) put your camera down and just enjoy the experience (I can show you the very few pictures I took but they cannot capture at all the experience or the spirit of those whales); and 2) let the experience empower you to not only sit there and watch but to act on it.  I love whales and dolphins and want to show others their beauty, so that they can appreciate these amazing creatures too.  I want to help protect them so others get to experience the beauty I got to experience this past week.

I will never forget when the water seemed calm and no whales were in sight ,and then I turned my head and a huge Humpback did a breach right near the boat.  I didn't have a chance to capture that image on camera as it happened too quickly, but the experience is engrained in my memory.  Enjoy the experience!!!


This is the start to the lessons I learned while my creative juices were flowing on Maui.  I'm excited to share them with you in the coming weeks! Aloha.

Thank you for reading and your presence at this beach retreat. You Rock! I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment section below.

See you at the beach!