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Truth and Lies in Relationships

Could you start dating someone who already knows all of your inner-most secrets?

Last weekend, I read this amazing book, “Can You Keep A Secret?” by Sophie Kinsella.  I couldn’t put it down. She is one of my favourite authors; if you are looking for “chick” literature, I recommend reading her books.  I have read her novels over and over multiple times, and the stories never get old.

The book, “Can You Keep A Secret?,” really made me think. Here is a synopsis of the book:

During a severely turbulent airplane ride, Emma Corrigan, thinking she won’t survive, shares ALL of her secrets with the handsome stranger in the seat beside her. Luckily, the airplane does not crash. While Emma is embarrassed about what she disclosed to the handsome stranger, she is reassured as she won’t be seeing this man again. Or will she?

She shows up for work the next day, only to find out that the CEO of the company she works for is visiting for the week from the States. This man is the handsome stranger from the scary airplane ride!

I won’t spoil the plot, as I want you to read the story. But, what would happen if Emma and Jack, the CEO, started dating?   Would YOU feel comfortable starting to date someone who already knows all of your inner-most secrets?

If your partner knew all of your secrets up front, it would be easier.  The first couple of dates are always about putting your best impression out there, and hoping the other person likes what they see.

I think being in a relationship where you can be vulnerable with a person would be amazing because you can truly be yourself; the person you are dating likes you just the way you are, dirty secrets and all. Honesty is an integral part to any relationship. These days, in most relationships, you don’t tell your inner-most secrets to people you have just met.  You may reveal the secrets slowly over time when you trust the person. Sometimes, there are things you don’t tell anyone.

Are you like Emma in “Can You Keep A Secret?” Do you have to wait for a life-or-death situation before you can reach out and share with the person closest to you?  Emma had nothing to lose, so she shared all of her secrets.  What would happen if you lived your life like that every day and were vulnerable and authentic with everyone you met?

It is really special to find a partner you can be yourself with, who accepts you on a deep level.  Such a relationship is hard to find; if you have one, don’t let that person go.  Many people put on a mask and always white lie to please others. Yet, wouldn’t it be nice to be honest with everyone?

I know some secrets are hard to share with your partner, but I truly believe that honesty is always the best policy.  Although, I don’t know about blabbing all of your secrets on the first date. Dating is such a great thing, and learning all about another person is exciting.

Dig deep in all relationships, and don’t wait until a life-threatening moment to change your life!

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