The Importance of Making a Positive First Impression

What is your best advice for meeting new people at networking events?

As a student or professional, these days we are constantly selling ourselves when we go to networking events and online. Whatever your purpose, you are going there to make a positive impression and connect with people. When meeting someone new, you introduce yourself and describe what you do. This is your chance to set a first impression and leave an impact on the other person. It is a time to celebrate yourself, to speak up about the contribution you’re making to the planet. Trust me, positivity makes a difference!

The Power of Inspiring Role Models

How can a supportive community empower you to pursue your passion?

Champions who achieve their goals DO NOT do it alone – trust me, I know. Regardless of age and ability, we all need a supportive community around us - to keep us accountable, motivated, and on track! Plus, the presence of others makes the journey more fun!

When I graduated from my Masters and was seeking out Canadian organizations that promote inclusiveness in sport for young women, I came across Fast and Female - a non-profit aimed at empowering girls 8-18 through sport. Since discovering it, I have been involved as an online community ambassador. After attending their Champ Chat in Victoria recently, I learned firsthand of their impact on creating a global inclusive sport community.

Be Brave. Show Up at the Beach. Be Seen.

Did I ever think that the young girl who didn’t like public speaking nor being seen on stage would grow up to be brave and write a blog to share her random thoughts with the world? Truth is, I didn’t.

Becoming an author and blogger was never something I planned. Rather, the idea for this platform to express my thoughts came to me “randomly” in 2010 while taking a coffee, talk, and a walk on the beach in Hawaii with my family.

Rise & Shine Interview: Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Think you are too quiet to make a difference in the world? Over the years, many of my readers have expressed that because they are “shy, quiet, introverted, and/or sensitive,” they don’t put themselves out there to be seen. 

Today my guest at The Self-Discovery Retreat is Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, a life coach for introverts, an assistant life coach trainer, a writer, and a speaker. Katherine hails from Australia; her light to empower introverts shines so brightly it resonates around the world! I had to reach out and invite her to share why she speaks from the heart.  Through reading Katherine’s story, passions, and life lessons, I hope you will be empowered on your journey to rise to your platform & shine!

Talking About Money with Amanda Abella

Money. This is a word that keeps coming up as a source of stress in many of the conversations I have been having so I thought we should talk about it. How does this word "money" make you feel?

To join the dialogue, I invited Amanda Abella, an expert on this topic, to speak to us all about helping us all become our best selves by improving our relationships with money.

Rise & Shine Interview: Ilana Harkavy

“Who am I?” “What am I passionate about?” “What do I want to contribute to the world?” “What are the steps to turn my dream into a reality?”

These are questions people ponder on their journey to self-discovery. When I was starting this process after graduation and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, hearing the stories of others really inspired me on my journey. Therefore, to empower you on your way, I thought that I would share the stories of others who have are making a difference in this world by being their amazing selves!

Today, singer-songwriter Ilana Harkavy is sharing her story, passions, and life lessons with all of us. 

Rise & Shine Interview: Vania Manipod, DO

Rise & Shine Interview: Vania Manipod, DO

What advice would you give to a young professional who is just starting out? What tool could change their world?

When starting out as a professional, I had an idea of what I wanted to pursue as a career but I couldn’t find anyone in my local network to talk with.  So, I created a blog to expand the conversations to a global network. Through sharing my random thoughts, I developed a powerful community of mentors and peers who really understood me and helped me grow. That is the root of The Self-Discovery Retreat. The blog was a tool that fostered positive change in my life.

Blogging nurtures self-growth; new Southern California psychiatrist Vania Manipod, DO, showcases this. I learned about her blog, Freud & Fashion, a couple months ago through the WordPress blogging community. Vania created her blog while studying for psychiatry, as a therapeutic outlet in her personal and professional development.  Her story is a shining example of how blogging can create positive change in a young person’s life. Today, you’ll hear from Vania herself how blogging nurtured her personal and professional growth as a new young mental health practitioner.