Profile of Perseverance: Q&A with Krista Guloien

Transition is something we can all relate to, as change is universal. Yet such times of major change can cause depression and fear in many, so it is important we talk about the ups and downs of change and empower each other along the way.

My guest today is Krista Guloien, two-time Olympian and silver medalist, who recently released her book, Beyond the Finish Line. As stated in her book summary: “Krista’s forthright tell-all of her journey to the 2012 Summer Olympic rowing podium, as well as what came after, will help you find closure and peace, as well as a safe place to relate, laugh and reflect on the “what next?” after sport.” Krista’s story is so important!

Stop Hiding & Be You!

Do you keep a travel journal? I do. As a lifelong learner, I find I am always learning and growing, so I record noteworthy lessons. Recently during my travels, a message kept repeating itself throughout my conversations: Stop hiding and be you!

The Importance of Making a Positive First Impression

What is your best advice for meeting new people at networking events?

As a student or professional, these days we are constantly selling ourselves when we go to networking events and online. Whatever your purpose, you are going there to make a positive impression and connect with people. When meeting someone new, you introduce yourself and describe what you do. This is your chance to set a first impression and leave an impact on the other person. It is a time to celebrate yourself, to speak up about the contribution you’re making to the planet. Trust me, positivity makes a difference!

The Power of Inspiring Role Models

How can a supportive community empower you to pursue your passion?

Champions who achieve their goals DO NOT do it alone – trust me, I know. Regardless of age and ability, we all need a supportive community around us - to keep us accountable, motivated, and on track! Plus, the presence of others makes the journey more fun!

When I graduated from my Masters and was seeking out Canadian organizations that promote inclusiveness in sport for young women, I came across Fast and Female - a non-profit aimed at empowering girls 8-18 through sport. Since discovering it, I have been involved as an online community ambassador. After attending their Champ Chat in Victoria recently, I learned firsthand of their impact on creating a global inclusive sport community.

Be Brave. Show Up at the Beach. Be Seen.

Did I ever think that the young girl who didn’t like public speaking nor being seen on stage would grow up to be brave and write a blog to share her random thoughts with the world? Truth is, I didn’t.

Becoming an author and blogger was never something I planned. Rather, the idea for this platform to express my thoughts came to me “randomly” in 2010 while taking a coffee, talk, and a walk on the beach in Hawaii with my family.

Profile of Perseverance: Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

Think you are too quiet to make a difference in the world? Over the years, many of my readers have expressed that because they are “shy, quiet, introverted, and/or sensitive,” they don’t put themselves out there to be seen. 

Today my guest at The Self-Discovery Retreat is Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, a life coach for introverts, an assistant life coach trainer, a writer, and a speaker. Katherine hails from Australia; her light to empower introverts shines so brightly it resonates around the world! I had to reach out and invite her to share why she speaks from the heart.  Through reading Katherine’s story, passions, and life lessons, I hope you will be empowered on your journey to rise to your platform & shine!

Talking About Money with Amanda Abella

Money. This is a word that keeps coming up as a source of stress in many of the conversations I have been having so I thought we should talk about it. How does this word "money" make you feel?

To join the dialogue, I invited Amanda Abella, an expert on this topic, to speak to us all about helping us all become our best selves by improving our relationships with money.