Welcome! The Self-Discovery Retreat is designed to uplift you and enhance your productivity and well-being. As a leadership consultant, who is dedicated to creating empowering learning environments, I've created this space with you in mind.

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Founded & facilitated by Arianna Merritt, M.Ed. 

My motto: You cannot control what will happen to you or how you will be treated by others. You CAN control, however, how you react to the situation. Learning how to do that in a positive manner is key!

When I was presented with an obstacle during graduate school, I reacted in a positive manner which resulted in expressing my random thoughts and starting this blog in August 2010. 

Expert Advice

I truly believe when you share your story with someone you give them permission to do the same. Many people think they are they only ones struggling. 

In my Profiles of Perseverance interview series, individuals share their stories of how they overcame obstacles such as injuries, bullying, economic hardship, illness, failure, rejection, loss, burnout, defeat, family tragedies, etc. on their journey to their platform. Through hearing the stories of others, it is my hope you find comfort and hope on your journey. Perhaps, you get inspired to share yours too!

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Blog is accessible anytime, anywhere!

Many of my readers are entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, and students who feel isolated. Hence that is the reason I created The Self-Discovery Retreat - so that you don't have to travel the journey alone. This is a place when you can discover & own your power and where you can come anytime you need support to be empowered on your journey! 

You have the power inside you - this space is to remind you it's there and to keep you going when you feel low. 


It is my hope that The Self-Discovery Retreat gives you the confidence boost to turn your inspiration into action and apply what you've learned to create positive change in the world!